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Science and research services

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To develop new know-how, technologies and products Oil Shale Competence Center (OSCC) can initiate and execute necessary applied research

Our partners are all the major Estonian universities, which enables us to attract the top scientists from different fields. We help companies to formulate a research objective and develop the action plan and find the potential implementers and, if necessary we help to find further financial support.

Data analysis and quality control

Data analyses in enterprises include research for product development, monitoring production processes and quality control. Usually the larger companies have sufficient resources to manage the data, but small or start-ups have not enough time and resources for data analysis. This can lead to inefficient use of resources. We provide professional consulting of data analysis, specifically how to optimize the resources in applied research and more generally how to create the data management system for small business.

Manage enterprises environmental impacts

With stricter environmental requirements enterprises will have higher costs related to the enterprises environmental impact management. We offer to smaller and start-up companies consultations, how to manage the environmental impact - we help to orientate in the existing requirements, drafting the environmental permits, etc. Also we can consult companies on finding the partners for environmental studies and environmental impact assessment.

Environmental ecology study tours in Ida-Viru County

In Ida-Viru county continues to prevail the environmental prejudices. We organize for all interested persons, however, in particular for teachers and students study tours, which explore the traces of oil shale industry and also Ida-Viru environmental conditions in general. Within the framework of the tour can be carried out the environmental measurements.

Measurement of gas emissions *

Using an FTIR spectrometer, OSCC can perform the following gases concentrations and emissions measurements: CO2, CO, N2O, NO, NO2, NH3, CH4, C2H6, ethylene, methanol, ethanol, formaldehyde, acetic acid, sulphur dioxide, benzene, o-xylene, m-xylene, toluene, ethylbenzene, styrene, phenol, methyl mercaptan, ethyl mercaptan, butyl acetate.

* Measurements are not certified

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