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Business incubator

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Business incubator is a cooperation centre for a team wishing to realise a business idea and for a starting or growing company. The incubator will help the team to grow into a business and accelerates development of a starting company. Operating in the business incubator has several advantages. A supporting environment, where the company is located, is as important as the business development service provided by the incubator. Starting companies, already operating companies developing their products, researchers, engineers and the OSCC work side by side on daily basis.

Incubator services:

  • Business development service
  • Team forming service
  • Rent of contemporary chemistry laboratories
  • Employee rent – chemical engineers, laboratory staff
  • Intellectual property services
  • Research services
  • Possibility to order services from the Laboratory of Fuel Technology
  • Search of cooperation partners and projects
  • Participation in network
  • Training, seminars, networking events

Inspiring environment

The Virumaa College of Tallinn University of Technology is operating in the vicinity of the incubator, while the Laboratory of Fuel Technology of the OSCC is located in the same building. The incubator is located in an industrial area with long history, where almost all electric energy consumed in Estonia is produced. Oil shale is much used for the production of electric energy, but it is also a major raw material for chemical industry. In addition to oil shale chemistry, also other chemical industry is concentrated in the City of Kohtla-Järve with population of 37 thousand and in a region 156 000.

Several contemporary industrial areas are located in the surroundings, where a company can expand after exit from the incubator.

Tallinn-St Petersburg Road 1km

The Port of Sillamäe 30km

Railway 8km

Contemporary rental laboratories

The business incubator of the OSCC is the only centre in Estonia renting out contemporary chemistry laboratories with low fixed costs. The total number of rental laboratories is 6 and they are equipped with basic laboratory equipment, such as fume cupboards, scales, mixers, fridges, centrifuges. All laboratories are ready for using central gas supply system (natural gas, He, C2H2, N, O2) and renting laboratory equipment needed for operation.

Rental laboratories are suitable for a team or starting company:

  • For prototyping and product development
  • For conduction of projects
  • As a primary production laboratory
  • For an operating company
  • For product development
  • For conduction of research
  • For the period of construction or renovation of the laboratory of the company
  • For short-term projects
  • For training activities

In case of product development or a project the need may arise for short-term renting of high-quality labour force; chemical engineer and laboratory staff are available together with the chemistry laboratory.

Rapid and flexible laboratory service

Laboratory of Fuel Technology is located in the same building with the incubator. The laboratory provides daily service to local chemical industry, oil shale industry and other industry at international level.

Services for the clients of the incubator:

  • Laboratory services with favourable conditions
  • Participation in research and tests
  • Possibility to get consultation from researchers and engineers

Intellectual Property services

Intellectual Property service consults and helps to protect smart solutions. Preliminary research for the development of a company is necessary:

  • For determination of novelty of a developed technical solution
  • For getting overview of recently published patent information
  • For getting overview of innovation and IP related activities of the companies of internest
  • For getting small-scale operative informative reviews on a specific topic
  • For getting broader overviews of know-how

Research services

The incubator facilitates transfer of know-how into business, promoting cooperation between universities, research institutions and businesses.


  • Initiation and management of applied research targeted to the creation of new knowledge, technologies and products
  • Initiation, supporting and launching of projects
  • Partner search for cooperation and product development

Business Support Network

Business support network supports the development of clients and tenants of the incubator. The network includes small, medium-size and large companies, professional associations, universities, research institutions, local governments and micro-enterprises.

Business support network:

  • Enables to find rapidly necessary services, partners and knowledge
  • Promotes formation of cohesive community and cooperation
  • Supports business activities through events, seminars, conferences, trainings and other relevant networking events

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