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Rahvusvahelised konverentsid/üritused alates mai 2012

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Põlevkivi Kompetentsikeskus annab teada järgmistest toimuvatest konverentsidest ja muudest üritustest:

  • Jordan International Oil Shale Symposium 2012, 7.-9. mai 2012, Jordaania
  • 7th International Symposium „Rockbolting and rock mechanics in mining”, 30.-31. mai 2012, Saksamaa
  • Euro MINExpo 2012, 12.-14. juuni 2012, Rootsi
  • MINExpo INTERNATIONAL® 2012, 24.-26. september 2012, Ameerika Ühendriigid

Jordan International Oil Shale Symposium 2012

Aeg: 7.-9. mai 2012

Koht: Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea, Jordania

Lühikirjeldus (inglise keeles): JIOSS will bring international co-operation to the region to support the evaluation of oil shale opportunities and manage the limitations in utilisation. Gathering key players in the energy industry, oil shale working groups, policy makers, academics, geologists and engineers, the JIOSS will be a vital and significant meeting of oil shale stakeholders working towards beneficial oil shale development in the region.

The 2-day program will evaluate global and domestic developments in oil shale resources and opportunities; review the economic, environmental and social prospects and impacts of oil shale investment and programs; feature the latest in R&D and groundbreaking technologies; highlight progress in regulatory frameworks and commercial models; and address key themes in oil shale mining & extraction methods, processing and marketing.

7th International Symposium

„Rockbolting and rock mechanics in mining”

Aeg: 30.-31. mai 2012

Koht: Aachen, Saksamaa

Lisainfo: 4th International Symposium „Mineral resources and mine development”, 22.-23. mai 2013, Aachen, Saksamaa; trükireklaamiga on võimalik tutvuda PKKs.

Teemad (inglise keeles):

• Rockbolting and Support Systems(e.g. Concepts, Performance, Infrastructure, Rigid vs. Yielding Support, TSL)

• Injection Technology (e.g. Resins, Mortar, Foam)

• Rock Mechanics (e.g. Ground Control, Analytical and Numerical Geotechnical Modeling, System Behavior, Software Application, Subsidence, Pillar Design and Backfill)

• Monitoring (e.g. Health and Safety, Quality Control, Geotechnical Measurements and Analysis)

• Operational Experiences (e.g. Support Applications, Support System Design and Evaluation, Legal Framework, Large Openings and Tunneling)

• Machinery and Equipment (e.g. Automation, Roof Bolting Machines)

Trükireklaamiga on võimalik tutvuda PKKs.

Euro MINExpo 2012

Aeg: 12.-14. juuni 2012

Koht: Skellefteå, Rootsi

Lühikirjeldus (inglise keeles): Euro Mine Expo 2012, the international trade fair and conference for the mining industry and its suppliers. Building on the success of earlier Expos, this year will be an indispensable three-day event, including:

INSIGHTS> Presentations and seminars on the latest technology development, pairing profitable projects with social responsibility, and new possibilities for the mining industry in the Barents region.

NETWORKING> Here you’ll meet equipment suppliers, consulting and service companies, technological developments, investors, government authorities and industry players from all over the world. Both at the hectic show cases and in more relaxed settings.

CONVENIENCE> As a focal point for developments in the mining industry Euro Mine Expo gathers everything under one roof. If you are just going to one industry fair this year, this is the one!

Euro Mine Expo will again be arranged at the very heart of Sweden’s mining industry. In this region, tradition and history go hand in hand with technical development and innovative ideas, all of which you will be able to see for yourself if you take part in some of the planned field trips.

Main themes conference 2012:

1. Mining in the Barents region

2. Good governance and corporate res ponsibility

3. Smarter, deeper, better mining




Aeg: 24.-26. september 2012

Koht: Las Vegas, Nevada USA



Lühikirjeldus (inglise keeles): MINExpo INTERNATIONAL® 2012 - the world's largest and most comprehensive exposition dedicated to mining equipment, products and services.

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